Richard A. Green, D.D.S., M.B.A., Director Emeritus of the Business Systems Development Department of The Pankey Institute, was responsible for developing the business systems and financial management portion of the Institute's curriculum. He creates learning processes with special emphasis on experiential learning, developing practices into continuous learning organizations, patient and staff management from a behavioral viewpoint, and leadership development. He presently spends significant time as a mentor/facilitator of numerous study clubs, is expert in assisting the start-up of such professional growth and development groups, and offers financial and management consulting (coaching) with dentists and their teams.

Dr. Green received his dental degree from Northwestern University in 1966. While maintaining his practice in Hinsdale, IL, Dr. Green became involved in the management aspects of dentistry, and in 1981 he joined Selection Research Corporation, an affiliate of The Gallup Organization, as an associate. This relationship and his interest in management led to his graduation in 1992 with a Masters in Business Administration from the Keller Graduate School of Management in Chicago.

Dr. Green has been associated with The Pankey Institute since its inception, first as a student, then as a Visiting Faculty member beginning in 1974, then as a Resident Faculty member beginning in 1994, and now in his current capacity as Director Emeritus of Business Systems Development since May 2004. The Pankey/Gallup Patient Perception Survey (PPS), the Variance Management Program, the Pricing Analysis Report (PAR), and the Pankey Financial Management Tools (Pankey Tools) were all created under his leadership. Since their first release in 2001, the Pankey Tools have been updated yearly and consist of numerous linked Excel spreadsheets that enable the dentist to diagnose, strategically plan, measure and monitor their personal and practice financial health. A comprehensive guide to their usage accompanies the tools and is well illustrated with sample data from a model practice.

To enlarge your understanding of some of the above business system tools, visit The Pankey Institute website at , or contact Dr. Green via email, [email protected]

Rich has published topical articles in numerous dental publications, including Dental Practice, Dental Economics, Continuum Levels I - VI Manuals of The Pankey Institute Continuum, and the Pankeygram, the official quarterly publication of The Pankey Institute. His quarterly message in this publication addresses contemporary issues in dentistry and challenges dentists to think about their philosophy of dental practice, personal and professional growth, and behavioral concepts applied to a uniquely individualized, relationship-based, values-driven, fee-for-service private practice.

He co-authored with William J. Davis, D.D.S., M.S. and Gary L. Rathbun, C.L.U., Ch.F.C., M.S.F.S. the book titled A Philosophy of Wealth Accumulation for Dentists (Medical College Press, Medical College of Ohio, 2000, 264pp). The purpose of this book is to enable dentists to educate and motivate themselves and their staff to:

  • Appreciate a lifestyle that leads to "Financial Freedom",
  • Take responsibility for achieving their "Financial Independence", and
  • Seek to create a comprehensive financial and estate plan.

He also writes about these issues in Investing Basics, a web-based quarterly newsletter for dentists. Past and current issues of Investing Basics can be found on this website and at

Through his teaching and consulting, Rich provides dentists guidance on:

  • Leadership development,
  • Financial management,
  • Staff selection and development,
  • Practice positioning,
  • Market definition,
  • Strategic planning,
  • Transitions, and
  • Human relations.

He is one of the profession's clear and congruent voices on the behavioral aspects of patient care and practice management, as well as the development of a personal philosophy to guide and shape one's dental practice. As a dentist with twenty-five years of private practice experience, additional education in the behavioral and management disciplines, extensive business background in the industry and exposure to all types of practices, he has a deep understanding of the challenges of contemporary practice.

Rich lives with his wife Linda in Sanibel, Florida and Glen Arbor, Michigan, depending on the season. They have a blended family with four children, ages 29 to 36, and enjoy six grandchildren ages 1 to 10. Biking, walking, swimming, sailing and singing remain favorite activities.